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Dinosaur Weighing Experiment - Great for Science Fairs

Dinosaurs Weighing Kit Available May 2018

How much did the dinosaurs weigh? Using Archimedes' Principle the volume of a dinosaur model is determined. Then the model's volume is scaled up to life size and converted to mass as determined by the dinosaur's body density. Thus by starting with high quality dinosaur models authenticated by paleontologists the experiment gives us the mass of actual dinosaurs. How incredible is that!

The experiment includes a model of a T-Rex, a Brachiosaurus, and a Triceratops. A model of an African elephant is also included so that you can verify that the method works. In addition to the models the kit includes: bucket, calculator, scale, batteries, clear instructions, worksheets, and an informative teacher's manual. Just add water and curiosity for great science fun. For students looking for a winning science fair exhibit, this is it. The experiment does not include poster boards or other display materials that are usually required for a science fair exhibit.

Dinosaur Weighing Experiment - Science Classroom Kit

Dinosaurs Weighing Classroom Kit Available May 2018

How much did dinosaurs weigh? This Weighing Dinosaurs experiment will excite your science students as they gather data and make calculations to determine the mass of their favorite dinosaurs. By submerging a dinosaur model in a bucket of water, students apply Archimedes Principle to determine the mass of water displaced by the dinosaur model. The mass of the actual dinosaur is then calculated using this data and an estimate of the dinosaur's density. The student's experiment is accurate and easy to perform, while the optional teacher's classroom demonstration is slightly more challenging. Appropriate for high school and college science students.

Dinosaur Weighing Experiment Contents

Science Educators Items: (1) Solid Plastic Elephant, (1) Bucket with Overflow Spout and Cups, (1) Digital Table Scale with 2 AA Batteries, (1) Digital Hanging Scale with 2 AAA Batteries, (1) Solar Calculator, (1) Teacher's Manual, (1) CD Disk containing word files for easy printing of Student Worksheets

Student Apparatus items: (5) Authenticated Solid Plastic T-Rex Dinosaur, (5) Authenticated Solid Plastic Triceratops Dinosaur, (5) Authenticated Solid Plastic Brachiosaurus Dinosaur, (6) Buckets, (5) Digital Hanging Scale with AAA Batteries, (5) Solar Calculator, (20) Laminated Experiment Theory Sheets, (20) Student Work Sheets

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